Try the Web Mirror

If you can't make it to one of our public demos, then you can try the Web Mirror from your own desktop or laptop computer. You'll need to upload a sample of your web browsing history. You can do this easily from your Android Smartphone (or tablet) using our app, or on your desktop or laptop computer by copying and pasting some history from your web browser.

To view your results, you'll need to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a desktop or laptop computer.

Upload your history

If you haven't uploaded any internet browsing history yet, that's the first thing you need to do. You can upload history from your Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a desktop or laptop computer; or you can use our app to upload it from your Android smartphone or tablet.

View your results

If you've uploaded your history from a smart phone or tablet, you can view your results by accessing the Web Mirror from a laptop or desktop computer.

Get help or ask a question

The Web Mirror is a research prototype - Sometimes it needs some gentle encouragement from the research team. If you're having trouble, or just want to ask us a question, please drop an email to